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Top tips before you start


Travel planning

The tour is booked and now you are wondering how else you should prepare before you leave. Here you will find the most important topics and tips to help you prepare for your trip, so you can be sure that you have thought of everything and that you have not missed anything. In addition, we have all the answers to the "Frequently Asked Questions". If you have any further questions, simply contact us. We’d love to help.

Getting there

We recommend the Mongolian airline MIAT, which flies from Berlin, and also Frankfurt in the summer months, to Ulaanbaatar. With MIAT you arrive directly in the capital.

When you arrive in Ulaanbaatar, we will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel. Your holiday starts here!

The full flight time is about ten hours. If you book a trip with us, we will happily help you book your flights.

Due to the distances involved, there is unfortunately no real alternative to traveling by plane. However, if you would like to do something towards climate protection, you could always make a donation to the Atmosfair initiative. Atmosfair was founded specifically for the purpose of counteracting the harmful effects of greenhouse gases.

Travel documents and visas

For your convenience, we will take care of the formalities. Below, we explain what this process involves and what you have to consider, where necessary.

Travel insurance certificate and travel documents: After booking, you will receive your travel confirmation and travel insurance certificate from us guaranteeing that you are insured against any risk of default due to bankruptcy. This protection is required by law.

Visa: For stays in Mongolia of less than 30 days, EU citizens, including citizens of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, do not need a visa to enter Mongolia. You only need a passport that is valid for at least six months. A visa is required for longer stays. Citizens from other countries may need a visa. If you need a visa, we will inform you what we need for the visa application after making your booking.

If you plan to visit other countries on your trip, a visa for these countries may be required. Please contact us, we are happy to help.

Travel insurance

Travel cancellation insurance covers you in most cases where you cannot start the trip. There are insurance policies with and without excess, insurance for individual trips or for the whole year and insurance policies that also include foreign health insurance.

Credit cards often include accident or health protection abroad and some customer cards offer travel cancellation insurance as an additional service. Please check your insurance portfolio and your insurance requirements. We can recommend travel cancellation insurance from Travelsafe as a good and affordable option.

Frequently asked questions

Mongolia is five times larger than Germany and very underdeveloped. Only a few roads are paved, the rest are dirt and gravel. This means that almost all routes are in off-road vehicles and also that more time is required. Don’t worry, we stop for breaks at least every hour and a half. The journey is the goal!
In the capital, Ulaanbaatar, we stay in a hotel, while in all the other places we stay in yurt camps or tents. There are Western-style sanitary facilities in the camps. The water pressure is not very high and sometimes the water is cold. We have our own toilet when camping. Wash bowls are available if required and each tent is lined with a felt mat for convenience.

On all our tours we provide three meals and one coffee break each day.

For breakfast you can expect coffee, tea and fruit juices, along with bread (in remote areas also home-made flatbread or pancakes), butter, jam, honey, sausages and cheese, usually also eggs, muesli and cornflakes.

For lunch we offer salad, a main course and something sweet. In addition, we serve tea or coffee. When it is very hot, we serve cold lunches with salad, cheese and/or cold meat and fruit.

In the afternoon we have a coffee and tea break, with some small nibbles.

The evening menu consists of a soup as a starter, a Mongolian main course with meat and vegetables and finally a delicious dessert. Tea is also served.

The Mongols eat a lot of meat. Nevertheless, as a vegetarian, you shouldn’t have any problems when travelling in Mongolia. (A vegan diet is more problematic, but not impossible. Almost all food is brought with us from the capital and prepared at the camps. You will probably need a vegan supplement, and this is not easy to find here.). Please let us know beforehand if you have any special dietary requirements, or if you suffer from any food allergies or intolerances.

You can also buy additional drinks in the yurt camps: Mongolian or imported beer, alcohol with a higher percentage and of course soft drinks.

Our tours are guaranteed for two or more people. There are usually four to twelve participants in a group.

Yes, the larger the group, the less expensive is the price per person. You can find the exact price-staggering in the individual trips.

Our experience is that people with health restrictions have no problem travelling in Mongolia. We have experience with guests over 80 years, including a blind man and an older lady with a pacemaker. However, healthcare in the event of illness does not meet the standards of German healthcare. It is therefore important to take any necessary medication with you in sufficient quantities (see travel pharmacy). Please contact us if you have any health restrictions.

If you take medication regularly, please bring it in sufficient quantities. Mongolian pharmacies rarely carry the medicines you are used to. It is also a good idea to bring medication for motion sickness, headaches, nausea and gastrointestinal problems, as well as eye and nose drops.

Additional vaccinations are not required for Mongolia, but vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus and polio are generally recommended. For more information on vaccinations, prevention, health and general health protection, please contact your doctor.

Apart from any other personal preferences, we recommend the following basic equipment:

  • Two pairs of sturdy shoes, possibly riding or rubber boots

  • A warm windproof and waterproof jacket as it can get wet, even in summer

  • A few warmer clothes for when it gets cool in the evenings or in the mountains

  • Gloves made of wool or leather

  • Bathing suit

  • Sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen (at least SPF 20)

  • Sleeping mat and sleeping bag (for tours with tented accommodation)

  • Flashlight, batteries, pocket knife, thermos

  • Binoculars (there is a lot to discover)

  • First aid kit (see above)

  • Insects/mosquito repellent

  • Gifts for children and nomadic families such as sweets, pens, notebooks, candles, pocket knives, sewing equipment or coloring books (these can be purchased in Mongolia)

  • Bags or backpacks are preferable to a suitcase.

If not here, where else? The Mongols have always been a riding people, and until recently, mainly horses, camels and yaks were used for the transportation of people. Their status is thus high, as is the pleasure of riding a Mongolian horse or camel. Almost all of our tours offer horse riding opportunities. On request, we are also happy to organize special riding tours, including expert support.

Mongolia is also a paradise for anglers and hunters. Let us know your wishes so we can recommend beautiful areas and appropriate tours.

Mountain trekking, desert hiking, cross biking … in Mongolia you can let off steam. Let us know your desired activities and we will organize a tour that combines sport together with a great nature experience.

You will be taken care of on your trip. If you want to go for a stroll or buy souvenirs on the tour, you should take Euro notes with you and exchange them for the local currency, Tugrik, even though more and more shops in the capital accept credit cards (at the current Euro-Tugrik exchange rate). You can also get money from Mongolian banks using standard credit cards.

It is customary in Mongolia to give small presents when visiting a family. These don’t have to be elaborate, for example sweets, pens, notebooks, candles, pocket knives, sewing equipment or coloring books. If necessary, your guide on site will help you with the procurement of these.

Tipping is common in Mongolia – of course only if you are satisfied with the service provided. Some tipping suggestions: restaurants, approx. 10%; driver and guide, about 5-10 Euros per person per day.

Mongolia is a country of ​​extremes. Due to its continental climate, it is very cold across almost all the country in winter and very hot in summer. Depending on the area and altitude, there are also regional differences (e.g. Gobi vs. Altai).

Nevertheless, Mongolia is a pleasant country to visit when it comes to the weather (and also in other respects 😊) if you are traveling between May and October, as the continental influence is less during this time.

In practice, you should be prepared for a few or more (brief) downpours in addition to (a lot of) sunshine. Even at altitudes of over 2,000 m, it is warm enough between the end of June to mid-August for safe trekking tours.