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Gobi Tour – Eagle Hunting Festival

This trip gives you wings! Our tour connects very different areas of Mongolia with the unique Golden Eagle Festival as the highlight. Here, in the far west of Mongolia in the Altai Mountains, the Berkutschi, the Kazakh eagle hunters, meet each year to compete against each other.

Before we travel to the Altai Mountains, we visit the Gobi Desert for its contrasts: high sand dunes, bizarre rock formations and the barren rocky desert. This first part of the tour is fascinatingly diverse and impressive. In addition, we have encounters with people, whether eagle hunters or Kazakh nomads, who complete the experience.

During the tour we overnight in yurts/tents, and in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar at the beginning and end of the tour. Since the Golden Eagle Festival only takes place once a year, we only offer this tour once per season.

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Nature lovers

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Day 1-3
Flights with MIAT from Berlin-Tegel to Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar. Welcome by your tour guide and transfer to the hotel. After arrival, we offer a city tour with a visit to the Gandan Monastery and the Mongolian Natural History Museum. In the evening, we enjoy a typical welcome dinner. Overnight in the hotel.

The next day we drive south to Tsagaan Suvarga, an impressive limestone formation, also called the “white stupa” due to its shape. We spend our first night in a typical Mongolian yurt camp, accommodation that is traditional and comfortable at the same time.
Day 4-6
We then drive to the southern Gobi to the Hongor sand dunes, the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. On the way we spend one night in a yurt camp at Dalanzadgad, the provincial center of the southern Gobi. On the following two days, we hike in the up to 800 m high dunes and visit a camel breeding family with the opportunity of riding them.

We then visit Bayanzag, the “Flaming Cliffs”, an impressive desert landscape made of stone, red sand and emptiness. Due to the numerous dinosaur skeletons, Bayanzag is still an El Dorado for paleontologists. Overnight in a yurt camp.
Day 7-9
On day seven we head to Baga Gazriin Chuluu, a unique granite formation in the middle of the steppe. The region’s highest mountain, Baga Gazariin Uul, is just five kilometers away at 1,768 m. Here, we have an opportunity to climb and hike. Overnight in a yurt camp.

We return to Ulaanbaatar the following day. Overnight in hotel.

On day nine, we fly to Ulgii, the capital of Bayan-Ulgii aimag (province), home of the Kazakhs and other Mongolian minority groups. The Muslim Kazakhs also usually live nomadically. After a welcome by the local guide, we visit a Kazakh family and get to know the people and their culture. Overnight in hotel.
Day 10-12
On days ten and eleven, we visit the famous Golden Eagle Festival and its numerous fascinating impressions: the hunt of the hunters with their eagles, different hunting techniques, a horse-drawn tug-of-war and the traditional archery of the Uriankhai. We enjoy an evening meal typical of the local country and the announcement of the winners. Overnight in a yurt camp.

On day twelve we visit the province of Khovd, near the 4,000 m Tsambagarav mountain where we have an opportunity to hike and visit a Kazakh nomad family.
Day 13-15
We arrive in the city of Khovd and overnight in a hotel.

Return flight from Khovd to Ulaanbaatar. After arrival and a rest in the hotel, we have the opportunity to shop and/or enjoy a city tour. In the evening, we attend a performance of Mongolian music and traditional dance. Overnight in the hotel.

After breakfast the following morning, we transfer to the airport.

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„The contrast of the landscapes that you see on this trip could not be greater. From barren deserts to green hills to the white peaks of the Altai. That really impressed me. “
Frank (53)
Bad Wildungen

Ulan Bator

  1. Tag, 6. Tag und 10. Tag


Khongor Sanddünen

Bayan Zag

Baga Gazriin Chuluu


Golden Eagle Festival

Terelj Nationalpark

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