The life of the nomads

From € 3,600 plus flights
14 days
  • Tour group size: 2-4
  • Booking by appointment for tours between May and September 2020

Nomad Tour – Gobi

Welcome home! Enjoy the great hospitality of a nomad family on our nomad tour, and as a member of the family, immerse yourself in the everyday life of these special people: look after yaks, milk them, prepare traditional milk tea, ride and at the end of the day, go to sleep tired and satisfied in your own yurt.
These special experiences and impressions are rounded off by a Gobi tour where the route leads from the famous "singing dunes" to the impressive Lammergeier Valley (valley of the bearded vulture), Yolyn Am.
Overnight in yurts during the tour, and in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar before departure.

Well suited for

Social and cultural experiences


Nature lovers


Day 1-2
Individual flights and arrival at Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar. Welcome by the tour guide and start of the tour towards the Elsen Tasarkhai sand dunes, located in a mountainous landscape. Overnight in a yurt camp.

Continue on to the nomads at Shargaljuut sum (district) who will be your hosts for the next few days. After a relaxed arrival, get to know the family, lunch together and unwind. Overnight in your own yurt with the nomad family.
Day 3-5
The following day you can go hiking, horseback riding, wildlife viewing and take part in family life. Overnight in your own yurt with the nomad family.

Over the next two days, you can trek with yaks to a gorge with a lake, grill your own fish, hike, ride, watch animals and take part in family life. Overnight in your own yurt with the nomad family.
Day 6-8
We bid farewell to the nomad family and depart for Gobi, overnighting at the camp at Bayanlig sum (district).

We then spend two days stay at the impressive Khongoryn Els sand dunes in the Gobi Desert where we ascend the up to 300 m high dunes and experience their singing while sliding down. Afterwards, we visit camel herders where there is an opportunity to ride. Two nights in a yurt camp.
9. - 11. Tag
Am nächsten Tag Erkundung der berühmten Lämmergeierschlucht Yoliin Am: tief eingeschnitten, oft durchzogen von ewigem Eis und umgeben von gewaltigen Felswänden. Übernachtung im Jurtencamp.

Weiter geht’s Richtung Norden zu einem weiteren außergewöhnlichen Naturspektakel: Tsagaan Suvarga, einer bizarren Felsformation aus Kalkstein. Um dieses Kunstwerk der Natur herum gibt es tolle Wandermöglichkeiten. Übernachtung im Jurtencamp.

Am Tag 11 ist das Ziel der Nationalpark Baga Gazriin Chuluu (kleiner Erdstein). Die Felsen hier sind für die einheimische Bevölkerung heilig und ist immer wieder das Ziel von Pilgerreisen. Nahe einer Klosterruine aus dem 17. Jahrhundert werden hier noch heute Messen abgehalten. Dieser idyllische Ort lädt zu ausgedehnten Erkundungen ein. Übernachtet wird es ein letztes Mal noch in der Jurte.
12. - 14. Tag
Rückfahrt Richtung Ulan Bator. Auf dem Weg dorthin mehrere Stopps, um die weite Steppenlandschaft zu genießen. Übernachtung im Hotel.

Am nächsten Tag Stadtbesichtigung und je nach Wunsch Einkaufen, Museum oder Besichtigung einer Kaschmirfabrik. Abends großes Abschiedsessen. Übernachtung im Hotel.

Am nächsten Morgen Frühstück und Transfer zum Flughafen.

All our tours include:

  • English-speaking tour guides from arrival in Ulaanbaatar
  • All transfers within Ulaanbaatar in a minibus or across the steppe in a robust off-road bus or car, each with experienced, local drivers
  • All meals (cooking service if you are staying in a tent) and mineral water
  • Entrance fees to sights, concerts and other performances
  • Conservation fees
  • Equipment and support for camel rides and fishing trips (horseback rides are charged extra)
  • Travel security certificate according to § 651 k BGB

Flights are usually not included, except for tours with the option “incl. scheduled flight”.
Travel insurance is not included.

Our tip: book scheduled flights with the Mongolian airline MIAT and take out Travelsafe travel cancellation insurance.​

„When we lived with the nomads, a little yak was born. I was there all the time and was even allowed to touch it afterwards. It was a bit wet and still shaky on its feet.“
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Ulan Bator

Elsen Tasarkhai

Shargaljuut Sum

Bayanlig Sum

Khongorin Els

Yoliin Am

Tsagaan Suvarga

Baga Gazriin Chuluu

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