The luck of the horses

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17 days

Gobi Tour – Ancestral Horses

The second big Gobi tour is a great trip for everyone who wants to see a lot of the country and experience the famous ancestral horses. This is the only tour to visit the Hustai National Park, where the last of the wild Przewalski horses live, a small herd that attracts attention from all over the world.

Other highlights of this tour are the vastness of the steppe, the diversity of the Gobi Desert, the cultural wealth of the country and, of course, the unique flora and fauna of the national parks.

On the tour we overnight in yurts, and in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar at the beginning and end of the tour.

Well suited for

Mongolian beginners

Active people

Nature lovers

Culture lovers


Day 1-3
Individual flights and arrival at Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar. Welcome by your tour guide and transfer to the hotel. We then experience a city tour with a visit to the Mongolian Natural History Museum and Sukhbaatar, the central square of the city. In the evening, we enjoy a typical welcome dinner. Overnight in the hotel.

The following day the tour begins with a southwards journey to Baga Gazriin Chuluu National Park (“stone of the little place”). We spend our first night in a typical Mongolian yurt camp, the traditional and comfortable accommodation of the local people.
Day 4-6
We continue south to an extraordinary natural spectacle: Tsagaan Suvarga, a bizarre limestone rock formation. There are great hiking opportunities around this natural work of art. Overnight in a yurt camp.

We spend a second day in Tsagaan Suvarga where we visit the petroglyph gallery, an impressive prehistoric art form. Overnight in a yurt camp.

The next destination is the Gurvansaikhan National Park, near the city of Dalanzadgad, where you can stroll and shop. In the national park you will find extraordinary fauna and flora and a desert valley that is under ice almost all year round. Overnight in a yurt camp.
Day 7-9
Am nächsten Tag steht die Erkundung der berühmten Lämmergeierschlucht Yoliin Am auf dem Programm. Anschließend Weiterfahrt zu den singenden Dünen Khongorin Els. Übernachtung im Jurtencamp.

Aufstieg auf die bis zu 300 m hohen Dünen und Erlebnis des Gesangs beim anschließenden Heruntergleiten. Nachmittags Besuch bei Kamelhirten und Reitmöglichkeit. Übernachtung im Jurtencamp.

Einer der Höhepunkte unserer Rundreise: Bayan Zag, die „Flammenden Klippen“, aufgrund der zahlreichen Dinosaurierskelette ein Eldorado für Paläontologen. Übernachtung im Jurtencamp.
Day 10-12
The following day we cross the large Ongi steppe to the ruins of the Ongi Monastery, one of the most important Gobi temple complexes from the 17th century where we explore the area. Overnight in a yurt camp.

We then travel through the mountains of the Hangai, via Khujirt to the famous waterfall Ulaan Zutgalan. Overnight in a yurt camp.

We explore the area around Ulaan Zutgalan where we can watch yaks or go on a horse ride. Overnight in a yurt camp.
Day 13-15
The next stage leads us into the valley of the Orkhon, home of the legendary old capital Karakorum, where we visit the Buddhist Erdene Zuu Monastery. Overnight in a yurt camp.

After breakfast we travel from Karakorum to the holy mountain Khogno Khan and the monastery ruins of Ovgon Hiid where we have the possibility to hike in the area around the monastery. Overnight in a yurt camp.

Another highlight is a visit to the Hustai National Park, home of the famous Przewalski horses. Thanks to various settlement projects, around 200 specimens of the endangered horses now exist here again. Overnight in a yurt camp.
Day 16-18
In the morning we have an additional opportunity to observe the ancient horses. At midday we return to Ulaanbaatar. In the evening we attend an exclusive folk performance. Overnight in the hotel.

In the capital, we visit the imperial temple palace of the last emperor and visit a cashmere factory. We enjoy a farewell dinner together in the evening.

Overnight in hotel. The following morning after breakfast, we transfer to the airport.

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„We have horses at home and were therefore particularly excited to see the Przewalskis. We spent hours walking through the national park and watching the individual animals in the herd. It was definitely one of my travel highlights.“
Nele (27) and Tobias (31)

Ulan Bator

Baga Gazriin Chuluu

Tsagaan Suvarga


Khongorin Els

Bayan Zag


Ulaan Zutgalan

Kharakhorum und Erdene Zuu

Klosterruinen von Uwgun-Hiid

Khustai Nationalpark

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