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Welcome to Mongolia

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The endless expanse of the Gobi Desert, the sublime peaks of the Altai Mountains or the starry sky above traditional yurts - our tours take you directly into the adventure that is Mongolia. At the same time, we ensure that you always feel that you are in good hands while you get to know the country and its inhabitants in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Because for us, Mongolia is not just a place, but our home, and an experience that moves and inspires us far beyond the actual journey.

The life of the nomads

Mongolia is a land of nomads. Almost half the population still live according to this centuries-old culture, crossing the steppes and deserts of the country all year round. As a sustainable tour operator, it is particularly important to us to bring our guests closer to this original way of life, while at the same time ensuring its preservation.

At home in Mongolia

Perhaps the most intense and personal way to get to know Mongolia is to immerse yourself in the life of a nomadic family. Our nomad tours make this possible. Gain priceless impressions and experiences and enjoy the feeling of being part of the family. To support the life of the nomads and ensure their survival in the long term, part of the income from these tours goes to our “Soyolon Nomads” fund.

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Nomad Tour - Gobi

The life of the nomads

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Nomad Tour - 8-Lake Valley

Off to the summer camp

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Gobi Tour - Naadam Festival

Celebrate like the Mongols

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Gobi Tour - Ancestral Horses

The happiness of the horses

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Gobi Tour - Eagle Hunting Festival

Only flying is more beautiful

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Discovery Tour – Reindeer

Off through the steppe

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Discovery Tour - Shamans

Mountains and spirits

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